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AF-FIT is a health, fitness & longevity concept that leverages the energy and consistency provided by going alcohol-free with the world-class Zone1 health and longevity fitness method.

What is the Zone1 method

Zone1 is a low-intensity health and longevity method developed by Christian Dailly, former professional footballer and Westham & Scotland Captain. The Zone1 method combines low-intensity heart rate training, a nutritional strategy and strength training which are all proven to reduce inflammation and boost health and longevity. The Zone1 method is a health and longevity lifestyle that is perfect for all ages and abilities. A key component of the Zone1 method is no alcohol if you want the best results. Therefore AF-FIT is the perfect complement to your alcohol-free adventure or your greatest reason to start!


Anyone starting out on their AF journey who wants to use this as the foundation of a healthy mind & body.

If you need a good excuse to take a break from the booze, AF-FIT is it!

AF-FIT is perfect for those aged 40 – 90. This is when we need to strengthen our bodies and take charge of our health in a low-intensity way that is manageable for life.

  • If you want a way to monitor & optimise your health 
  • If you want a formula for healthy living and ageing strong
  • If you want to optimise your health through life transitions such as the menopause
  • If you want to be healthier than you were 10 years ago
  • If you have a fitness goal, challenge or event and want to take your performance to a new level based on a foundation of health first. 
  • If you don’t enjoy no-pain-no-gain, then AF-FIT is for you

– Keep getting injured? Then the low-intensity approach is perfect

– Want a health & fitness regime you can maintain for life? AF-FIT is for you!

– If you have ever felt like you are training really hard but are just not getting the results you want?

– Training for an event and want to learn how to train like an elite athlete

– Want to improve your general fitness but don’t know where to start? AF-FIT is for you

How AF-FiT Works

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AF-FIT is a 4-hour LIVE workshop with Andy Ramage & The Zone1 Team.

The world-class Zone1 Team (see below) is formed by Christian Dailly former Westham & Scotland Captain, Emma Prideaux non-runner at 40, on track to be the fastest EVER age-rated marathon runner in the UK by 50 & Rosa Prideaux elite runner and coach.

Years of Drinking

Worried about your health?

Don’t worry you are not alone. Most drinkers are concerned they might have mistreated their bodies over the years. This creates another fear that it’s too late or that your health might not recover. Well, this is one of the main reasons Andy created AF-FIT. The low-intensity approach combined with the world-class Zone1 team is exactly what you need to gradually rebuild your health to optimal levels. You will be amazed at how resilient the body is and how quickly you might see massive health wins. Forget no-pain-no-gain, this is the very opposite. The Zone1 method is scientifically backed and self-organises around your heart rate and level of health, therefore it guides you gently and protects you as you rebuild your health. Plus, AF-FIT is something you can use for life.

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Join us virtually or at the Zone1 Health Studio, Baddow Park House, W Hanningfield Rd, Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM2 7SY.

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Sunday the 24th October 

09:00 – 13:00 

£149 (Max 20 people)

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Saturday the 23rd October 

13:00 – 17:00


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4 hours that can transform your health

15 points you will learn during the 4 hour workshop


You will discover the longevity and health benefits of low-intensity heart rate training and why optimal fitness comes from slowing down, to eventually speed up!


Know exactly how to manage your heart rate zone and learn the Z1-HR formula, and why 80% of the Zone1 formula is based on low-intensity Zone1 heart rate training.


You will find out why it’s ok to walk or exercise very gently if your heart rate is high. Therefore,if you are new to exercise, for example, you can start very easy and build only when your body or heart rate allows it, so it’s perfect for those trying to get fit again.


Learn a daily “heart rate’ health check that will show you in your heart rate your health improvements and also protect you from overtraining.


Find out how to AVOID the heart rate black hole, which is where 90% of people train too hard at too high a heart rate then get injured.


Discover the dangers of exercise following alcohol intake, and how the Z1-HR formula can protect you while building you to optimal health.


Learn why going alcohol-free is optimal for your health & longevity


Learn how to reduce inflammation, optimise weight, and protect against disease with the Zone1 nutritional strategy.


Discover why fasting is a health superpower.


Unlock the natural energy in your body by burning fat, so you can LOVE LIFE more!


Master the techniques to protect your body & mind against decline.


Learn how your strength rations between the upper body and lower body can predict ill health and equally be improved to promote health.


Overcome the barriers to health – self-management, by learning exactly how to create your own health and longevity plan.


Learn the skills to transform your health and perform at an elite level should you wish.


Learn some basic strength moves that will transform your strength without any fancy equipment.

In summary, if you adopt Z1 heart rate training, fast for 12 hours plus every day, adjust your nutritional strategy, remove alcohol and perform the basic strength exercises you will be a totally different person physically and mentally in just a few weeks! And this is a method of training for life.

**Plant-Based / Vegan please note – The zone1 nutritional strategy is a framework that can be adapted to any type of dietary preference including plant-based. However, the Zone1 team uses a combination of plants and animal products within their personal preferred nutrition approach.

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World Class Experts


Andy Ramage

Andy Ramage is considered one of the world’s leading AF coaches. After co-founding OneYearNoBeer Andy stepped down from OYNB on a new mission to create world-class initiatives to help people take a break from alcohol and transform their health. AF-FIT is one of these concepts. Andy currently trains individuals in self-development to transform their mindset and also trains coaches in his ICF accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching. Andy holds a Masters in Positive Psychology at Distinction and has applied for his PhD to start in 2022. When you combine Andy’s unique education, with his background in high-performance business, entrepreneurship and as a professional footballer, he has a deep understanding of how the body and mind work in a very practical sense. Andy applies this wisdom to create initiatives that get everyday people transformative results in their health.

Christian Dailly

Christian is a former premiership footballer who captained Westham and appeared in the World Cup with Scotland. Towards the end of his career, Christian went back to university to study for a degree in sports science and after 15 years of training elite athletes in his unique Zone1 methodology, Christian is regarded as one of the world’s top health and conditioning coaches. After proving his health-based theories with elite athletes, Christian has finally stepped into the mainstream to help people just like you learn his Zone1 method which protects against disease and sets up a strong, vibrantly healthy and happy life. Whether you want to take control of your own health or become the best athlete you can be, Christian is one of the world’s best.

Emma Prideaux

Emma is a glowing example of Christians Zone1 methodology. Aged 40, Emma had not run since she was 16. However, Emma’s daughter Rosa, an Olympic potential athlete, was training with Christian. Emma was so interested in the Zone1 formula that she began to use the same Zone1 process you will learn in the workshop. After diligently sticking to Christian’s Zone1 approach to health & longevity, Emma went from a non-runner to a 4-hour marathon to AMAZINGLY a sub-3-hour marathon at 47, which puts her on course to be the fastest EVER age-rated marathon runner in the UK. Isn’t that mind-blowing! Emma now heads up the Zone1 aerobic conditioning competent of the Zone1 health and longevity methodology.  

Rosa Prideaux

Rosa is a product of the Zone1 method and is both an elite athlete and now a world-class trainer. At 24 Rosa is beginning her elite marathon career and has her eye on a new world record with her mum, Emma who you just met above, to be the first-ever mother and daughter to run a sub-three-hour marathon! Watch this space.

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Q: What if I haven't exercised before or in years?

If you have not exercised for years then this is the perfect method for you. The whole system is designed to meet you where you are at. The heart rate system acts as a guide that will gently rebuild your body and health over time in a safe and pain-free way. However if you are worried about any condition you have please always consult with your doctor before undertaken our program.

Q: Do I need equipment?

You don’t need any equipment. The only thing that would help is a broom handle or something that’s like a broom handle. We do lots of amazing strength & posture work with broom handles or something similar. Equally, if you don’t have this you can still do all the moves. All you need is a mobile device, tablet or computer and a internet connection to join in with the sessions

Q: Do I need a camera

A device with a camera would be recommended for great interaction however it is not required. If you have a camera and you don't want to have it on then this is absolutely okay.

Q: How fit do I need to be?

The low-intensity health & longevity methodology is world-class and perfect for those who are new to exercise and or want to rebuild their health. Equally the same methodology works for those who are already familiar with exercise and want to take their health and longevity to the next level. Ultimately we are all humans, and all humans respond to the same set of health pre-conditions. So everyone follows the same method. The method self-organises, based on the individual’s current health status. So it’s perfect for all levels.

Q: What if I still drink

Fantastic, then AF-FIT is your reason to take a break. If you want the best results, which I am sure you do, then taking a break from alcohol sets the foundation. When you add in the Zone1 low-intensity heart rate training, the nutritional strategy, and strength & posture training you create the pre-conditions for optimal health, mentally and physically. And you boost longevity.



During the workshop, you will be invited to take part, only if you wish, in some light bodyweight posture movements. If you are unsure about your health or have any underlying conditions then please always seek professional medical advice before taking part. Or you can choose not to perform any of the moves.


Whilst AF-FIT is not a quit alcohol programme we do encourage you to take a break if you are not already alcohol-free. If you are a heavy drinker and you are unsure about alcohol withdrawal, which can in very exceptional cases be lethal, please always seek professional medical advice before stopping. Visit AlcoholChangeUK for more advice and guidelines.