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learning from our ancestors living and training in a way the body evolved to function


Physical Health Score


Muscle Health


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Zone1 Health Formula is the secret to longevity

Improved metabolic health, enhanced longevity and a never before obtained level of athletic prowess are inevitable.  Our unique Physical Health Score (PHS) and Muscle Health Score (MHS) provide evidence of such metabolic health improvement.

Consistent and relentless progression is expected as we target a reduction in inflamation, enhanced mitachondial biogenesis, increased autophogy, and reduced insulin resistance.  We strive for those physiological adaptations and this thinking underpins the success of the entire physical training process. 

We get to the Root Cause of metabolic disease and ageing.



3 loaded human movements types; 7 barbell strength exercises

Zone1 is a health, fitness & longevity concept that leverages the energy and consistency provided by a healthy lifestyle with the world-class Zone1 health, anti-aging and longevity fitness method.


5 point posture focus; 3 muscle contraction types

We uniquely use the Broomstick Bar to monitor a person’s ability to display concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle contractions from both seated and standing positions.  Squat range of movement and shoulder mobility are also monitored, as are balance and movement control.  The Broomstick Bar movements target the development of Zone1 Health’s unique 5-point postural control strategy that provides the foundation for our loaded barbell strength movements. 

The inevitable improvement in postural control and strength set the foundation for almost all other forms of human movement and activity.

Aerobic Health

Time in Zone1 Studio – Zone1 Health monitoring
Aerobic system health and endurance are developed specific to an individual using heart rate (HR). This is monitored through our uniquely developed HR/speed index, mostly during walking, running, rowing and cycling activity. Improvements can be tracked daily and evidence of the effectiveness of our training system is obvious as a person gets fitter and faster for a given HR.


Species appropriate diet; carnivore end point
Our experience of everything from the training of elite athletes to guiding those with type-2 diabetes into remission has led us to the prescription of a species appropriate diet, backed by the latest in Sport & Exercise Science and guided by research regarding nutritional adaptations throughout human evolution. Our nutritional prescription is simple, yet revolutionary.

Pause...Think Root cause



Emma Prideaux

Emma is the co-founder of Zone1Health, where she is Head of Aerobic Health & Endurance Development


Christian Dailly

Christian is a Sport & Exercise Scientist & Found of Zone1Health, after a 22 year career as a Professional Footballer

Rosa Prideaux

Rosa is a competitive runner and is the Head of Athletic Development & leads the Running Club

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Here is what our clients say


Q: How can I learn the Zone1 Health Formula?

Our unique system has been designed with simplicity in mind and can be easily implemented by anyone to fit their personal requirements. We provide constant online education, regular induction days, monthly workshops and daily in-person coaching.

Q: Can I Visit The Studio Before I Join

Of course! We love it when people pop in to grab a coffee and experience what we do. We pride ourselves on the environment we have created and the communities we build. Hope to see you soon!

Q: Do you have parking at your studio?

We have excellent free parking onsite, both directly outside the Zone1 Health studio, and in the adjacent large car park.

Q: I have no experience of strength training; would the formula still work for me?

Our formula was made for you! Many of our members could not entertain a traditional gym environment and is why what we provide is so profound. We care for everyone including those with serious health conditions all the way to someone who may wish to compete in any sport or event.

Q: I don’t want to run - will it still work?

Absolutely! Our unique educational formula focuses on the physiology underpinning health and longevity and has its foundation in 4 main pillars: Strength, Posture, Aerobic and Nutrition. Each part is specifically and skilfully tailored to the individual with running only prescribed for those who wish to run.

Q: What do I need to wear?

Come as you are! There is no dress code at Zone1 Health. Our members train in jeans, suits, dresses and, of course sportswear. We don’t want you to have any excuse not to keep yourself younger and healthier.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age?

There is no minimum or maximum age provided youngsters are under the supervision of their parent or guardian. Our oldest member currently is Bill who is 86 years young and still gaining strength!

Q: Would my health condition exclude me from the formula?

In a word, NO! The Zone1 Health and longevity formula caters for every human being, regardless of their health or condition. In fact, we specialise in the treatment and prevention of all metabolic health conditions and enhance longevity.

Q: How often will you put on masterclasses?

Our masterclasses will usually run monthly and cover a range of topics and conditions. These are highly encouraged as the education provided is world class and contains information and guidance that is superbly practical.