Zone1 Health forged its early roots in the training and monitoring of elite athletes and was created originally in order to bridge the gap between metabolic health and fitness.

Indeed, fitness and health can actually be defined separately, with fitness described as the ability to perform any given exercise task, while health explains a person’s state of well-being, where physiological homeostasis is apparent as all biological systems work together harmoniously……


of both training as elite athletes, as well as coaching athletes in numerous sports and disciplines, we learned at Zone1 Health that many athletes were fit, but unhealthy.

It had become increasing clear that high training intensity at inappropriate volumes, plus an excess consumption of processed or refined dietary carbohydrates, had contributed to reduced markers of metabolic health in most athletes, and eventual performance impairment.


We distanced ourselves from the “no pain, no gain” mentality. We had seen enough athletes pushed unmonitored beyond a point of appropriate systemic stress. Such stress over time almost always resulted in some form of physical injury and inflammation, endocrine and immune dysfunction, and/or mental/emotional injury, such as depression.


…that when an athlete is healthy, adaptations to appropriately prescribed training are a given and that improved fitness is the result. In addition, the training and careful monitoring of such mechanisms is applicable to all human populations at any level of metabolic health, training history or ability (recreational, non-elite, elite athletes………), age, genders, and sports. In fact, the very same physiological processes that we target in athletes lead to the same adaptations sought through exercise regimes that aim to advance markers of metabolic health and longevity.
So we set upon a 10-year journey through the scientific literature and the application of what we hypothesised, with the task of creating a unique training, monitoring and educational system that hones the physiology underpinning human metabolic health and athletic development.


Christian Dailly

Christian is a Sport and Exercise Scientist and founder of Zone1Health.

His experience in sport and performance include a 22-year career as a professional footballer where he captained his native country Scotland at all levels.

He is an accomplished athletics coach and has amassed almost 20 years of experience in coaching athletes at every level, particularly runners, many of whom have gone on to gain international recognition.

Christian’s sporting, coaching and educational journey have formed the basis for his desire to change the way we live and train. He found many athletes to be “fit but unhealthy” and has sought to discover the ultimate formula underpinning human metabolic health, thus providing the basis for any athletic development and unlock the key to longevity.

His mission is to provide relentless and easily accessible care and education on the prevention, treatment and improvement of metabolic health conditions and the de-prescription of medications in those with such conditions. The methodology naturally extends to the extension of a healthy lifespan through the unique Zone1 Health approach to nutrition and exercise.

Christian is now in his late 40’s and lives every day as a Zone1Health athlete. He is currently the strongest and healthiest he has ever been. Our numbers prove it.


Emma Prideaux is the cofounder of Zone1Health where she is Head of Aerobic Health and Endurance Development.

She returned to endurance running in 2011, a full 25 years after competing as a middle distance athlete and cross country runner as a teenager.

Emma has trained exclusively using the Zone1Health Formula since 2014 and has run under 3 hours for the marathon distance almost every year since; now over 10 times!

An example of the level of healthy robustness and youthful conditioning that Emma has developed over time is continually exemplified, such as her ability to race sub-3 hours in 4 marathons within one year between October 2016 and October 2017, including 2 marathons within 2 weeks. Yet she has never missed a day of training through injury.

When training and competing regularly, Emma is predominantly the number 1 ranked female endurance runner in the UK for her age category (W45). During2020, Emma broke the British W45 record for 20 miles at the Essex County Championships (2:06:42) and was the number 1 ranked female marathon runner in her age category (2:51:28).

Despite specialising in endurance running and the marathon, Emma has also deadlifted 130kg! This level of muscle health forms the basis for her aerobic development and she views such progression and maintenance of strength as the key to her metabolic health and longevity.

Emma’s dream has always been to stay youthful enough to run under 3-hours for the marathon distance after the age of 50 (April 2023), and to maintain this ability for as long as is humanly possible. She knows the formula inside out and has played a major role min its development. She is exited regarding the relentless fight to pause the ageing process.

Emma epitomises everything that is Zone1Health and Longevity.

Rosa Prideaux

Rosa is a competitive runner and is the Head of Athletic Development at Zone1Health. She is 24 years old and recently became Essex Champion in the marathon at her first ever attempt, running a superb 2:56:48.

Rosa has created the Zone1Health Running Club where she coaches participants of a range of standards. She guides their continued progress using our unique formula with evidence provided habitually through our novel aerobic indexes.

During Rosa’s youth career she completed regularly for Essex, both on the track and over cross country, and her talent over a range of distances is clearly in evidence, having won Essex County Championships over both 300m and 800m on the track, as well as her senior marathon win.

Rosa has achieved what she has thus far despite having severe asthma, but through her dedication to developing appropriate foundations through aerobic development in Zone1Health, she is now largely symptom free, something she is proud of.

Rosa drives home to those under her supervision such resultant health effects derived from our training methodology. She coaches and educates all our members accordingly. She views every participant as a Zone1Health Athlete. She knows the pathway to healthy athletic performance and provides individually specific and appropriate advice accordingly. Rosa also understands the importance of the development of our Zone1Heath principles in youths, and has honed her coaching brilliantly through personal experiences and consistent devotion to learning. Her results are outstanding.

Despite focusing her time on the necessary aerobic endurance required for the sport of endurance running, Rosa has elite muscle health. Her strength is evident daily in our studio and she has deadlifted an incredible 140kg that is pushing increasingly towards her 3 x bodyweight goal!

Nutrition is a passion for Rosa. She feels it is important to highlight the effect that her low carbohydrate and high fat diet has had on her metabolic health. She is dedicated to her Zone1Health Nutritional Conditioning and has reaped numerous health and performance benefits. She feels that it is likely the most important training and lifestyle change that she has ever made.

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